How to Paint a Room Yourself

Painting is one of those weekend projects that can save you a ton of money and is pretty easy to do.  If done correctly it is easy to do and the will look great. 

If you are planning on painting the ceiling you will always want to paint that first and then paint the walls.

Easy steps:

  • Clean the walls and ceiling – mix a little dishwashing liquid with water and using a clean cloth or sponge do a quick wipe down removing any dust, dirt or grease spots that could affect the finish.
  • Start with the edges – begin at one of the corners and apply a 3-inch coat around the perimeter where the wall and the ceiling meet.  Do a section at a time and alternate between cutting in and painting, wet edges blend for a better preventing any lines.
  • Roll the ceiling – remove excess paint from the roller.  Start in the corner and blend with the edge painted in step 2.  To avoid straining your back and neck you should roll in a motion across your body rather than along your body.
  • Paint the walls – after allowing the ceiling to dry return to your original
  • corner and using a trim brush cut in about 3 inches along the wall-ceiling line.  Also cut in about 3 inches along any windows, doors and moldings.  Once you have cut in around the entire wall use a roller to fill in the wall.                
  • Work in 3x3 areas by first painting a W pattern and then without lifting the roller fill in the square.  Continue in this manner completing one wall at a time.
  • Paint the trim – once the walls are dry use blue painters tape to tape off the windows and trim.  Remove the tape shortly after painting (don’t wait for the paint to dry) this will prevent peeling.  For windows and doors start with the top and work your way down, paint the baseboards last using an angled brush. 

Tools and Materials you will want to have on hand:

  •  Paint brushes – 2.5in and 3 in brushes
  • Rollers – check to make sure you have the correct roller for the type of paint you are using
  • Paint pan or bucket with grate for removing excess paint
  • Long handle for roller
  • Ladder
  • Goggles
  • Rubber gloves if needed
  • Hand cleaners
  • Extra cloths for quick clean up
  • Mineral Spirits or Paint thinner
  • Paint

Following these steps you are sure to have a fantastic room. 

Onto the next project!