You Want to Move... Get On With Life...Stop Losing Money with Each Passing Minute. Or Just Get This Sale Behind You.  But No One Has Stepped Forward to Make a Serious Offer.  "Why Is This Happening?" You Ask Yourself...

► The REAL Reasons May Shock You!

Dear Frustrated Homeowner,

Does it feel like your home will never  sell?

Few people truly understand the frustrations you face trying to sell your home. Perhaps your family has moved and you're still left behind. Or maybe you're sitting on two mortgages, slowly bleeding you out of your hard-earned money. Or perhaps you want to buy your next home, but you feel paralyzed because you need to sell this home first to qualify for a new mortgage.

Maybe you've dropped your life savings into this home. And because of the economy, or unscrupulous people, you're now trying to get your money out. The clock is ticking... and with each tick you lose more and more money. 

My name is Maggie Clemens and I specialize in marketing difficult-to-sell properties.

In Over 10 Years of Marketing "Hard-To-Sell' Properties, I've Learned 
A Few Things About WHY Your Home Is NOT Selling...

Each home is different, and has special problems that make selling it difficult. That's why I created a special program for people like you. I call it my "Maximum Home Value Audit." It's FREE and there's absolutely No Obligation Whatsoever to work with me or any other agent.

My audit will show you...

► How to get the absolute highest price the market will pay for your home

►The difference between Functional and Cosmetic problems with your home and how easy-to-fix and inexpensive problems may be costing you thousands

►How to "stage" your home to make it look like it's worth thousands more (the way you live in a home and the way you sell a home are two very different things!)

►I'll inspect your home and property from top to bottom to reveal true problems affecting it's successful sale: from specific condition issues, through a lot sighting, home sighting and location. Then, I'll tell you how to minimize the impact of negative issues and promote positive features so you can get the very most money for your home... and sell it NOW!

As you can see, because of my experience, my Maximum Home Value Audit is much more than other real estate agents can offer you...

Selling "Hard-To-Sell" Homes Is My Specialty

Unlike other agents who will tell you anything just to get your listing, I will show you exactly what your home is worth with a reliable, real world analysis. No fancy figures. No hard sales pitches. Just the facts presented in a straightforward, easy-to-understand format.

THERE'S MORE: In the process, I will also deliver a BONUS Special Consumer Report I created especially for hard-to-sell homes titled "44 Money-Making Tips for Preparing Your Home to Sell."

You Can Put An End To Your Frustrations... Stop The Hemorrhaging Flow Of
Your Money Down The Drain, And Get On With YOUR Life Right Now.

I know there's a tendency to put this off for another time, saying to yourself "I will think about it later." But every minute you spend sitting on an unsold home is costing you money! Right now, you can take advantage of my FREE, No Obligation "Maximum Home Value Auditby simply calling my Fast-Response Hotline at 619-800-1145.

You have thousands of dollars and valuable time to gain... and absolutely nothing to lose by clicking or calling now. I look forward to hearing from you!


Maggie Clemens
Bennion Deville Homes

P.S. - Right now you can end the frustrations of sitting on a home that simply won't sell! You can stop flushing money down the drain with each passing day. And get on with your life! It's simple; take advantage of my FREE, No Obligation "Maximum Home Value Audit."  So call my Fast-Response Hotline right now at 619-800-1145 and say goodbye to your old home and hello to your new home and freedom!

This is not intended to solicit homes currently listed for sale.